Replaced Home Loans and Home Savings

The problem that a replacement home loan was not allowed to be repaid overdue home savings, how that was possible when the original loan was for home purposes.

Because the home loan market changes a lot over the next few years, we may find cheaper-priced loans, or we want to fix our interest rates for a longer period of time. we get a loan, so it is worth looking at our home loans every two or three years and replacing them if necessary.

The bank will call the redeemed loan no longer a home loan


However, it is often the case that at the new location, the bank will call the redeemed loan no longer a home loan, so that it will not be possible to replenish expired home savings. Home savings can only be repaid on a housing, construction or renovation loan.

Most of the time, however, it is stated that the purpose of the loan redemption was to replace a home loan, and in such cases they are used to allow home savings to be repaid.

The redemption of a one-time loan


In two cases, they are not allowed: if the redemption of a one-time loan has already been redeemed more than once, or if the customer has applied for more than the original loan, that is, there is no borrowing also took place during the redemption.

If you also have a redeemable home loan and would like to pay off your home savings, ask your bank how you can do it.

I wanted to convert the 3 month interest rate swap


Into a fixed interest rate (currently 2.88% interest, capital debt in forint will be as soon as we borrowed 12 years ago). Goodbank where the loan has been for 12 years – said it was a whole new borrowing process, having to go through all the processes as if it were a new borrowing. Since we have moved abroad in the meantime, I do not have time to run to a bank in Budapest for months, so we can replace it with a loan here.

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