How do the Good Finance credit cards work?

Imagine this situation. You enter the store and see the promotion of your dream TV, bathroom furniture or a king bed, but at the moment you do not have enough mE-Money to buy them.

Will you miss such an opportunity? Now you don’t have to give up shopping! All thanks to one small thing. Good Finance credit cards will help you make your dreams come true. How it works? What are the fees associated with such a product? We checked!

E-Money Visa credit card


Good Finance credit card what bank? This is a common question among E-Money’s potential customers. That is why we answer. It is a company cooperating with the institutions. Thanks to this, we can also complete all formalities in the institutions of these institutions.

If you have ever had a situation where you refused to buy your dream item because of lack of funds on your account or putting mE-Money away for another purpose, you will certainly be interested in E-Money’s offer. Of course, more and more stores allow you to make purchases in installments. However, the limit that can be opened on the card opens up completely different possibilities for the consumer.

One of the attractive solutions available on the market is the Good Finance credit cards. Thanks to it, you get a pot of E-Money to use at any time and place. In addition, if we meet a few simple conditions, we will receive a refund for issuing the card and an exemption from the annual account maintenance fee. However, before we proceed to the fee analysis, let’s focus on how to get a Visa E-bank or Good Finance credit card?

Visa Good Finance and E-bank credit card – installment system

Visa Good Finance and E-bank credit card - installment system

E-Money customers can take advantage of two products at the same time, i.e. credit limit and repayment in installments. Good Finance credit card guarantees us the opportunity to take advantage of temporary APRC 0% promotions for 5 or 10 months. In turn, E-bank offers 0% installments only for the selected product with repayment in the form of 4 or 10 equal monthly parts. To be able to use the installment system, the customer must shop for at least PLN 300.

In contrast, the standard formula in both cases covers the loan period from six months to two years . In terms of amounts, the maximum credit limit is PLN 10,000 and the minimum limit is PLN 500 .

E-Money credit card and active bonuses


The differences can also be seen in the offer of bonuses for active customers. In the case of an E-bank credit card, the customer has a chance to return the card fees provided that two transactions are made for a minimum of PLN 800 within 75 days of opening the limit.

Then, if it continues to use the product in subsequent years, it will be exempt from annual fees for annual transactions of at least PLN 4,800. In the case of the Good Finance card, the customer must use within 75 days of signing the contract at least PLN 1000 limit to enjoy a refund of the card fees.

In the following years, however, an exemption from the annual fee will guarantee payment of PLN 6,000 for 12 months. What are the standard costs

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